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Health and Safety Sector
Health and Safety Sector
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Having worked in the health and safety and environmental sectors for the past eight years, I have an in depth understanding of the challenges businesses face day to day. From ensuring compliance, to understanding ever-changing legislation, to breaking down complex guidance - guaranteeing the safe, effective and legal running of a business can be time consuming, costly and take people away from the work they should be doing.

The content I produce for my clients ranges from very simple factsheets, through to 10,000 word reports – yet all have the same aim – to break down complex information into something that highlights the most relevant facts and make it applicable to individual workplaces.

From weekly briefings with a readership of thousands, general online and print content, through to training videos – all of my copy is researched, well written for specific audience types (from bricklayers to site managers and warehouse workers to CEOs) and verified. I work closely with clients to make sure that each piece of copy is just as they required.

Some specific examples of recent works include:

  • In depth guidance on dealing with pregnant employees in the workplace, written for company health and safety advisors
  • Writing blogs and comment pieces for the construction industry
  • Ensuring the relevance and factual nature of other copy in both web and print
  • Weekly health and safety briefings for large companies – including summaries of recent prosecutions, guidance, reports and legislation
  • Social media campaign #LifeSavingRules
  • Script writing for training videos concerning COSHH and lifting people
  • Extensive market research fo potential new safety product
  • Writing copy for websites and looking at the structure and way content is delivered to ensure impact, targeted audience understanding and functionality as well as SEO
  • Toolbox Talk presentations, handouts and supporting material on gas safety and roadside safety
  • Internal company newsletters, updating staff on changes
  • External updates on behalf of companies to their clients
  • Brochures aiding company tenders, including information about company culture and health and safety innovations
  • Snow and Ice guidance for directors and employees.